MLFF is one of Indonesia's
National Strategic Projects 2024
We are proud to announce that the MLFF project has been selected as one of Indonesia's National Strategic Projects for 2024
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PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS)
A leading technology company through the collaboration between Hungary and Indonesia in designing, developing, and operating advanced toll road systems namely MLFF (Multi-Lane Free Flow) with GNSS based technology.
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Intelligent Toll Systems
With the intelligent toll system from Roatex Indonesia Toll System, your journey on toll roads will become easier, more comfortable, and efficient through the integration of cutting-edge technology that can significantly reduce congestion at toll gates
Optimizing Traffic Flow
With the GNSS-based MLFF system, congestion and queues at toll gates can be reduced, making mobility on toll roads more predictable. Toll road users will experience more seamless, easier, and efficient journeys.
Digitalization of Toll Road Management Technology
GNSS-based MLFF has easier operations with the right digital technology needed by the Indonesian public, contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of operational management on toll roads.
Support Sustainable Environment
The implementation of GNSS-based MLFF technology helps improve the quality of life for the Indonesian people by enhancing operational efficiency for toll road users. The MLFF system can reduce travel time and decrease air pollution and vehicle fuel consumption, creating more efficient and sustainable journeys.
Reliable and Robust System
The GNSS-based MLFF technology is a trusted system that has been successfully implemented in Hungary since 2013. Similar systems are also operational in other European Union countries. The MLFF system being adopted in Indonesia is customized to meet the needs of the public, creating new convenient solutions for toll road users.
What is Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF)?
Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) is an innovative toll road solution that utilizes Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology. This allows toll transactions to be faster and more accurate as they are directly read by satellites. The MLFF system is designed to significantly reduce queues and increase efficiency for toll road users by eliminating toll gates.
On site inspections
Mobilizing Precision Control on Toll Roads
The Mobile Control Unit (MCU) is an enforcement instrument that supports MLFF technology. The MCU is designed to record data from all vehicles passing through the toll, including payment tracking. Equipped with cameras and infrared projectors, the MCU functions as a mobile control room capable of conducting precise visual inspections on toll roads.
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PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS)
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