Roatex Indonesia Toll System
Stands at the forefront of technological innovation, representing the latest advancements in toll road system management.
About Us
Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS)
Born from a collaborative initiative between Hungary and Indonesia, Roatex Indonesia Toll System leads in pioneering the latest technology solutions for toll roads. With excellence in designing, developing, and operating innovative toll road systems, Roatex Indonesia Toll System is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions on a global scale.
Seamless integration is the key philosophy in revolutionizing toll road systems. Roatex Indonesia Toll System recognizes the strategic importance of toll road management in fostering community connectivity and economic growth, and Roatex Indonesia Toll System supports the transformative power of transportation technology towards a better future.
Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission of RITS

The vision of Roatex Indonesia Toll System is to be a revolutionary pioneer in Multi-Lane Free Flow technology. By enhancing mobility and driving economic growth, Roatex Indonesia Toll System simplifies transportation systems and reduces congestion on toll roads. This innovative approach paves the way for a brighter and more efficient future, where seamless travel and sustainable development go hand in hand.


The mission of Roatex Indonesia Toll System is to revolutionize transportation through the implementation of innovative technology, aiming to enhance the quality of life for individuals, foster synergy among various sectors of society including the public and private sectors, and promote environmental sustainability. This transformative approach not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation systems but also contributes to creating a more connected, sustainable, and prosperous society.

MLFF Implementation Phase
Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) technology transforms the toll road driving experience through four key phases. It begins with the trial phase, followed by the transition period, then the launch of priority segments, and finally, the comprehensive implementation of MLFF.
Phase 1: Limited Trial at Bali Mandara Toll Road
Phase 2: Transition at Bali Mandara Toll Road
Phase 3: Transition at Priority Toll Roads
Phase 4: Full Implementation on All Toll Roads
On site inspections
Mobilizing Precision Control on Toll Roads
The Mobile Control Unit (MCU) is an enforcement instrument that supports MLFF technology. The MCU is designed to record data from all vehicles passing through the toll, including payment tracking. Equipped with cameras and infrared projectors, the MCU functions as a mobile control room capable of conducting precise visual inspections on toll roads.
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